Bespoke Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the most personal items you can have, especially when it's bespoke. If you have that dream jewellery item in mind but have never found anything like it on the market, then opting for Bespoke jewellery is for you.

The bespoke jewellery service we provide is as personal as you can get when it comes to an item like a ring that can be designed entirely to your size, design and colours.

The art of choosing a bespoke piece of jewellery is a fantastic opportunity to mark a special occasion, person or to make your visions come true with a specially created item that is a one-off design just for you. Then our team are here to help.

Imagine the face of someone you love, receiving a gift of a lifetime when they know it's a piece that is designed especially for them which no other person has. A bespoke item is the most exceptional gift you could ever give.
You could use a design based on what they have envisioned for a while, or you could design it yourself to let them know how much care and love you've put into your gift. With the bespoke service, we can engrave onto Silver, Gold, Silver Plate, Pewter and most other metals to add a message, words to add a special touch.

Jewellery can hold so many memories, whether that's an engagement or an item to hand down to your children. Make your dream a reality with our bespoke jewellery service.
We will assist and review your designs and thoughts to achieve your vision of the highest quality. We thrive on ensuring we make you the best design and a high-quality item we can to create memories and to last a lifetime.

If you have been searching for a specific piece of jewellery, but you haven't had any luck, then we can be by your side through the whole journey to design the piece for you. Don't worry about unusual requests; we love a challenge here at J O Dixon Jeweller, we are itching to give anything a go bringing your imagination into real life.

Start by telling us your budget, and we can work out what can be possible with your designs. After we have made any necessary moulds and castings, we can work to your deadlines perfecting your pieces by finishing, pre-polishing, sourcing stones, setting, hallmarking and polishing one last time to give it that extra sparkle.
When it comes to designing your products, we say that you bring anything you can to give us an idea of textures, colours and styles. This could be things like magazine tear-outs, photos from online which you've seen and loved or material for colour reference.

Why not come in and get a bespoke piece of jewellery for yourself, someone special or to remember someone who has passed away then this service is for you by our specialist team. Make your ideas come to life with our bespoke jewellery service.