Jewllery Repairs

Here at J O Dixon Jeweller, we carry out all practical repairs to your jewellery. Our mission is to revive your pieces, bringing them back to life. Every piece of jewellery has a story to tell, and there's nothing more we want than to make those memories last a lifetime.

We thrive on ensuring your jewellery repairs are performed with the utmost care to look after your item. With our expert team, we are here to help with anything from simple chain repairs to ring resizing to guarantee each repair is personalised to suit you and what you need. All jewellery should be handled with tender loving care, and we do just that!

We have a wealth of experience in our workshop to restore or mend your jewellery. We can:
Repair chains - From bracelets to necklaces, you can bring in your broken items, and we will ensure it leaves in pristine condition. We can repair clasps, solder any damaged areas as well as giving them a polish up to bring back its sparkle.
Resize your ring - Is a loose ring giving you anxiety that one day it may fall off? Whether they are too big or small, we offer a resizing service to ensure it fits you perfectly.
Replace missing gemstones - Restoring gems and diamonds to their original beauty is something we thrive on. We love a flawless, sparkling gemstone!
Pearl restringing - If the worse happens and your pearls have gone flying, then we can restring them to recreate your beautiful pearl item.
Complete remakes of old or damaged pieces - Restoring or remaking pieces to create a new transformation for your item.

If you are unsure about whether to your precious item repaired, why not come into the store, and we can share the process of the repair to reassure you that we will bring back that sparkle to your jewellery. We can give you a quote for the repair with no obligation to go ahead, which is available on request.

Inspecting your jewellery regularly for any damage or signs of wear and tear. If you find anything you're worried about, we are more than happy to have a look and let you know what we can do to resolve this to assure your perfect piece of jewellery is back in your hands again safely.

It's best to keep your jewellery away from any perfumes, hairspray or cleaning products and to remove your items before going in the shower or entering a swimming pool. Still, in the case that your items look like they have lost there shine or sparkle, then we can inspect them and try our hardest to freshen up your jewellery.

If you have been putting off repairing your jewellery, then this could be the time to revive them while bringing back all those memories while adding that newness feels to your loved items.
We will try our hardest to ensure your items look pristine when they leave our shop so why not clean out your jewellery boxes.